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ANew Species of Treefrog (Hylidae, Litoria) from the Southern Lowlands of New Guinea

PM Oliver, SJ Richards, D Stuart-Fox

Current Herpetology | Published : 2008


A new species of small green treefrog in the genus Litoria is described from the Lakekamu Basin, Gulf Province, southern Papua New Guinea. This species is associated with the Litoria gracilenta group on the basis of its pale canthal stripe and predominantly green dorsum, but can be differentiated from other species in the group by its more robust build (head width/snout-vent length [SVL] 0.37-0.38) and small body size (SVL of three adult males 28.328.7 mm). Dorsal colouration is either plain green or green with numerous small dark spots, suggesting colour polymorphism. This dark-spotted colouration is also unique amongst the L. gracilenta complex. © 2008, The Herpetological Society of Japan...

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