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No abatement of steroid injections for tennis elbow in Australian General Practice: A 15-year observational study with random general practitioner sampling

Bill Vicenzino, Helena Britt, Allan J Pollack, Michelle Hall, Kim L Bennell, David J Hunter



OBJECTIVE: Evaluate general practitioner (GP) management of tennis elbow (TE) in Australia. METHODS: Data about the management of TE by GPs from 2000 to 2015 were extracted from the Bettering the Evaluation of Care of Health program database. Patient and GP characteristics and encounter management data were classified by the International Classification of Primary Care, version 2, and reported using descriptive statistics with point estimates and 95% confidence intervals. RESULTS: TE was managed by GPs 242,000 times per year on average. Patients were mainly female (52.3%), aged between 35 and 64 years (mean: 49.3 yrs), had higher relative risks of concomitant disorders (e.g. carpal tunnel sy..

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