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Gas-Phase Chemistry of HSiS− and HSiNH−: Ions Related to Silathioformaldehyde and the Silaazomethine of Formaldehyde

R Damrauer, M Krempp, RAJ O'Hair

Journal of the American Chemical Society | Published : 1993


Anions related to silathioformaldehyde (H2Si=S) and the silaazomethine of formaldehyde (H2Si=NH) have been prepared and studied using flowing afterglow selected ion flow tube techniques. The connectivities of these anions are shown in experimental studies to be [HSiS]− and [HSiNH]−. In addition, ab initio computational studies demonstrate that these are the most stable anion isomers. These anions are prepared by both collisionally-induced dissociation and direct source reactions. The anions resulting from the later preparations have been submitted to reaction chemistry studies with CO2, COS, CS2, SO2, O2, and C6F6. Comparisons with earlier studies of HSiO− are made in terms of a simple mecha..

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