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Taiping tianguo yundong qianxi Yangzhoucheng de richang shenghuo 太平天国运动前夕扬州城的日常生活 (Daily life in Yangzhou on the eve of the Taiping Rebellion)


Zhongguo richang shenghuo duben 中国日常生活读本 | Peking University Press | Published : 2017


How should the history of daily life be approached? In Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion, Jacques Gernet grappled with an enduring theme in Western studies of China: the Hegelian assumption of continuity and changelessness in Chinese history. In documenting daily life in the Southern Song capital, he sought in particular to show a society that was not only deeply different from the Tang, but was still, in the thirteenth century, “a world in process of transformation.” Many years later, the issue he sought to bury is still raising its head. In this essay on Yangzhou in the 1840s, an attempt is made to document aspects of everyday life in an inland Chinese city. Focusing..

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