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Notch signaling during development requires the function of awd, the Drosophila homolog of human metastasis suppressor gene Nm23

Marilena Ignesti, Marilena Barraco, Gouthami Nallamothu, Julie A Woolworth, Serena Duchi, Giuseppe Gargiulo, Valeria Cavaliere, Tien Hsu

BMC Biology | BMC | Published : 2014


Awarded by Association for International Cancer Research (AICR)

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Funding Acknowledgements

This paper is dedicated to the memory of our wonderful colleague Dr. Franco Graziani, a devoted scientist and great motivating mentor. We thank S. Bray, M. Fortini, M. Blanco, T. Vaccari, D. Bilder, A. Nakamura and B. Lemaitre for generous gifts of fly stocks and antibodies. We also thank the Bloomington Stock Center for providing us with fly stocks and the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank at the University of Iowa for monoclonal antibodies. We are particularly grateful to Carlo Taddei for his encouragements and insightful discussions throughout the course of this work. We thank P. Romani for helpful suggestions on preparing the manuscript. We also thank Marco Privitera for his graphic work. The work was supported by a research grant from the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR grant ref. 11-0738) to V.C., a grant from University of Bologna (RFO 2009) to G.G. and V.C., and a grant from the National Institutes of Health (R01CA109860) to T.H.