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Metacarpophalangeal pattern profile and bone age in Rett syndrome: Further radiological clues to the diagnosis

H Leonard, M Thomson, E Glasson, S Fyfe, S Leonard, C Ellaway, J Christodoulou, C Bower

American Journal of Medical Genetics | WILEY-LISS | Published : 1999


Hand radiographs of 100 girls representing 73% of the known Australian population of girls with Rett syndrome, age 20 years or less, were available for this study. Control radiographs were matched for age, sex, and laterality. Bone age was assessed against standard radiographs in Greulich and Pyle [1959: Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Development of the Hands and Wrist, 2nd ed.]. A metacarpophalangeal pattern (MCPP) profile comparing the relative lengths of the hand bones with mean population norms by age was produced by converting the length of each of the 19 metacarpal and phalangeal bones into a Z score. In girls less than 15 years old, bone age was more advanced in Rett syndrome than in ..

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