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The Antarctic Circumpolar Wave: Its Presence and Interdecadal Changes during the Last 142 Years

D Cerrone, G Fusco, Y Cotroneo, I Simmonds, G Budillon



The Southern Ocean (SO) is the region of the World Ocean bordering on Antarctica over which significant exchanges between the atmosphere, the ocean, and the sea ice take place. Here, the strong and nearly unhindered eastward flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current plays an important role in mean global climate as it transmits climate anomalies around the hemisphere. Features of interannual variability have been observed to propagate eastward around the SO with the circumpolar flow in the form of a system of coupled anomalies, known as the Antarctic circumpolar wave (ACW). In the present study, the 142-yr series of the Twentieth Century Reanalysis, version 2, dataset (850-hPa geopotential h..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was performed in the framework of Plankton biodiversity and functioning of the Ross Sea Ecosystems in a changing Southern Ocean (P-Rose) and Multiplatform Observations and Modelling in a sector of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (MOMA) projects as part of the Italian National Program for Research in Antarctica (PNRA). This research was also made possible by Australian Research Council Grant DP110101388 (Simmonds). Data used in this study are provided by the NOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD, Boulder, Colorado, from their website (