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Can Home Monitoring Allow Earlier Detection of Rapid Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma?

Andrew J Anderson, Phillip A Bedggood, Yu Xiang George Kong, Keith R Martin, Algis J Vingrys



PURPOSE: Recent developments in electronic technology are making it possible to home monitor the sensitivity of the central visual field using portable devices. We used simulations to investigate whether the higher test frequency afforded by home monitoring improves the early detection of rapid visual field loss in glaucoma and how any benefits might be affected by imperfect compliance or increased variability in the home-monitoring test. DESIGN: Computer simulation, with parameter selection confirmed with a cohort study. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 43 patients with treated glaucoma (both open-angle and closed-angle), ocular hypertension or glaucoma suspects (mean age, 71 years; range, 37-89 ye..

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