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Nitrifier-induced denitrification is an important source of soil nitrous oxide and can be inhibited by a nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate

Xiuzhen Shi, Hang-Wei Hu, Xia Zhu-Barker, Helen Hayden, Juntao Wang, Helen Suter, Deli Chen, Ji-Zheng He



Soil ecosystem represents the largest contributor to global nitrous oxide (N2 O) production, which is regulated by a wide variety of microbial communities in multiple biological pathways. A mechanistic understanding of these N2 O production biological pathways in complex soil environment is essential for improving model performance and developing innovative mitigation strategies. Here, combined approaches of the 15 N-18 O labelling technique, transcriptome analysis, and Illumina MiSeq sequencing were used to identify the relative contributions of four N2 O pathways including nitrification, nitrifier-induced denitrification (nitrifier denitrification and nitrification-coupled denitrification)..

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