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Exogenous Slit2 does not affect ureteric branching or nephron formation during kidney development.

Michael Piper, Victor Nurcombe, Lorine Wilkinson, Melissa Little

The International Journal of Developmental Biology | Published : 2002


In an attempt to elucidate the role of Slit2 in vertebrate kidney development, the effect of adding exogenous human Slit2 protein (hSlit2) to developing murine metanephric kidney explants was examined. To confirm the activity of the recombinant Slit2 protein, neurons from 8 day old chick sympathetic nerve chain dorsal root ganglia were cultured with hSlit2 protein, which induced significant neurite branching and outgrowth. Using kidney explants as a model system, metanephric development in the presence of hSlit2 protein was examined. Addition of hSlit2 up to a final concentration of 1 microg/ml had no detectable effect on the formation of nephrons or on branching morphogenesis of the ureteri..

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