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Phenotypic analysis of 303 multiplex families with common epilepsies

Bassel Abou-Khalil, Zaid Afawi, Andrew S Allen, Jocelyn F Bautista, Susannah T Bellows, Samuel F Berkovic, Judith Bluvstein, Rosemary Burgess, Gregory Cascino, Elisa J Cops, Patrick Cossette, Sabrina Cristofaro, Douglas E Crompton, Norman Delanty, Orrin Devinsky, Dennis Dlugos, Michael P Epstein, Nathan B Fountain, Catharine Freyer, Sarah I Garry Show all

Brain | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2017


Awarded by NINDS National Institute of Health

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project was supported by an NINDS National Institute of Health grant (ID: U01NS077367). S.F.B., I.E.S., S.T.B., R.B., S.I.G., E.J.C. were supported by an NHMRC Program Grant (ID: 628952). R.O. was supported by NIH grants R01 NS078419 and P50 HG007257. M.P.E. was supported by NIH grant R01 GM117946. M.I.R., W.O.P., R.H.T. and P.E.M. were supported by the National Institute of Social Care and Health Research, Epilepsy Research UK and the Waterloo Foundation. L.G.S., S.Pa. were supported by an HRC grant (10/402) and Curekids.