Justice: The China Experience

F Sapio, S Trevaskes, S Biddulph, E Nesossi, F Sapio (ed.), S Trevaskes (ed.), S Biddulph (ed.), E Nesossi (ed.)

Cambridge University Pres | Published : 2017


Claims about a pursuit of justice weave through all periods of China's modern history. But what do authorities mean when they refer to 'justice' and do Chinese citizens interpret justice in the same way as their leaders? This book explores how certain ideas about justice have come to be dominant in Chinese polity and society, and how some conceptions of justice have been rendered more powerful and legitimate than others. This book's focus on 'how' justice works incorporates a concern about the processes that lead to the making, un-making and re-making of distinct conceptions of justice. Investigating the processes and frameworks through which certain ideas about justice have come to the poli..

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