Book Chapter

The Expression of Justice in China

F Sapio, S Trevaskes, Sarah Biddulph, E Nesossi

Justice: The China Experience | Cambridge University Press | Published : 2017


Claims about a strident pursuit of justice weave through all of China’s modern history. Intellectual, political and social ferment that exploded on to China’s political stage on 4 May 1919 was motivated by a common will among the intellectual and political class to find a proper place for China among the family of nations. Pursuit of justice underpinned this movement, as it did the establishment of the Republic of China (ROC) eight years earlier. Communism was cultivated in China in the 1920s replete with a political vocabulary that was indebted to liberal and democratic political philosophies as much as it was to communist ideology. Here too, it was the ideal of attaining justice for the po..

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