A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes: Essays in Honour of Stephen A. Wild

K Gillespie, S Treloyn, D Niles, K GILLESPIE (ed.), S TRELOYN (ed.), D NILES (ed.)

Australian National University Press | Published : 2017


The title of this collection honouring Stephen Wild—A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes—is drawn from his own essay celebrating the 50th anniversary of the journal Ethnomusicology (Wild 2006). While Stephen pondered whether there might be a distinctive voice in the ethnomusicology of Australia and New Zealand, we have turned his question into a statement of fact and applied it to him as someone who very much embodies such a distinctive voice through his writings, influence, and other academic activities. Further support for our appropriation of Stephen’s 2006 title can be found in the frequency with which that article is cited in the contributions here. The chapters submitted for Stephen’s ..

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