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[Early diagnosis of arteriopathy of the legs using measures adapted to general practitioners: the systolic index and pulse perception].

H Boccalon, P Lehert

J Mal Vasc | Published : 1995


Atherosclerotic lower-limb arteriopathy is a serious disease. Its prevalence often underestimated when relying only on questioning the patient. A simple early detection method is the systolic index, i.e. the ratio of systolic ankle over brachial pressure. This ratio should normally be greater than 0.9. Lower values indicate detectable arterial obstruction as revealed by reduced peripheral perfusion. Under 0.75 patients are considered as suffering from peripheral vascular disease and require further investigations and specialist opinion. With an index between 0.75 and 0.90 patients are classified as stage I or II of the disease. In a survey by 180 General Practitioners, which were trained by ..

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