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Molecular cloning of cDNA from hepatitis A virus strain HM-175 after multiple passages in vivo and in vitro.

BC Ross, BN Anderson, AG Coulepis, MP Chenoweth, ID Gust

Journal of General Virology | Published : 1986


Hepatitis A virus (HAV) strain HM-175 was passaged six times in marmosets, 59 times in cell culture and purified from infected cell culture supernatant fluid. The viral RNA was extracted, copied into cDNA and the cDNA:RNA hybrids were cloned into the PstI site of plasmid pBR322. The cDNA clones were authenticated by hybridization to RNA extracted from HAV-infected cells and clones representing the 3' end of the genome were identified using a previously authenticated cDNA clone. The clones represented all but 29 bases of the HAV genome. They were compared to HAV strain HM-175 cDNA cloned from viral RNA after three passages in marmosets on the basis of restriction endonuclease mapping and DNA ..

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