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Autoantibody to aldolase in acute and chronic hepatitis.

C Brown, BH Toh, JS Pedersen, FM Clarke, IR Mackay, I Gust

Pathology | Published : 1987


Sera from 82 patients with acute or chronic hepatitis and 40 chronic carriers of hepatitis B were examined by ELISA and immunoblotting for reactivity with the glycolytic enzyme aldolase. The results of the ELISA tests, expressed as a percentage of a positive control, were compared to those obtained with sera from 39 patients with rubella, 11 with cytomegalovirus infection and 74 healthy subjects. The ELISA reaction with sera, expressed as mean +/- standard deviation was, for 15 patients with hepatitis A, 58.3 +/- 20.5%; 15 with hepatitis B, 59.5 +/- 42.18; 23 with hepatitis non-A, non-B 51.1 +/- 34.4%; 11 with HBsAg positive chronic active hepatitis, 70.1 +/- 31.5%; and 17 with autoimmune ch..

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