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Immunological abnormalities in asymptomatic homosexual men: correlation with antibody to HTLV-III and sequential changes over two years.

IH Frazer, IR Mackay, RM Crapper, B Jones, ID Gust, MG Sarngadharan, DC Campbell, B Ungar

Q J Med | Published : 1986


A prospective study on 100 homosexual male volunteers was designed to examine immunological function in relation to sexual activity and infection with the human T cell lymphotropic virus Type III (HTLV-III). Complete data were available for 71 men. In a comparison with 100 age-matched heterosexual men, the study group of 100 men had a significantly higher mean serum IgG level (12.1 +/- SD 2.7 g/l vs. 10.9 +/- 2.4 g/l, p less than 0.01) and a significantly lower mean number of CD4 (T4) cells (845 +/- 310 X 10(-6)/l vs. 1128 +/- 375; p less than 0.01). For the study group, seropositivity for anti-HTLV-III was present initially in 22 per cent and was associated with a higher mean level of serum..

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