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Metabolic inhibitors and mitosis: II. Effects of dinitrophenol/deoxyglucose and nocodazole on the microtubule cytoskeleton

TP Spurck, JD Pickett-Heaps, MW Klymkowsky

Protoplasma | Published : 1986


To examine the effects exerted on the microtubule (MT) cytoskeleton by dinitrophenol/deoxyglucose (DNP/DOG) and nocodazole, live PtK1 cells were treated with the drugs and then fixed and examined by immunofluorescence staining and electronmicroscopy. DNP/DOG had little effect on interphase MTs. In mitotic cells, kinetochore and some astral fibers were clearly shortened in metaphase figures by DNP/DOG. Nocodazole rapidly broke down spindle MTs (except those in the midbody), while interphase cells showed considerable variation in the susceptibility of their MTs. Nocodazole had little effect on MTs in energy-depleted (DNP/DOG-treated) cells. When cytoplasmic MTs had all been broken down by prol..

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