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Organization of spindle microtubules in Ochromonas danica.

DH Tippit, L Pillus, J Pickett-Heaps

The Journal of Cell Biology | Published : 1980


The entire framework of microtubules (MTs) in the mitotic apparatus of Ochromonas danica is reconstructed (except at the spindle poles) from transverse serial sections. Eleven spindles were sectioned and used for numerical data, but only four were reconstructed: a metaphase, an early anaphase, a late anaphase, and telophase. Four major classes of MTs are observed: (a) free MTs (MTs not attached to either pole); (b) interdigitated MTs (MTs attached to one pole which laterally associate with MTs from the opposite pole); (c) polar MTs (MTs attached to one pole); (d) kinetochore MTs (kMTs). Pole-to-pole MTs are rare and may be caused by tracking errors. During anaphase, the kMTs, free MTs, and p..

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