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The organization of microtubules during anaphase and telophase spindle elongation in the rust fungus Puccinia.

DH Tippit, CT Fields, KL O'Donnell, JD Pickett-Heaps, DJ McLaughlin

European Journal of Cell Biology | Published : 1984


The entire framework of microtubules (MTs) in the meiotic spindle of the rust fungus Puccinia has been reconstructed during the later stages of meiosis I, by tracking MTs through transverse serial sections. This spindle is of special interest because it elongates considerably during anaphase spindle elongation, from 5 microns at metaphase to 15 microns at telophase. The spindle is composed mainly of MTs from opposite poles which interdigitate or overlap in the middle of the spindle. In the overlap region, MTs from one pole seek out as near neighbors, MTs from the opposite pole at a preferred spacing of 43 to 55 nm. During anaphase elongation three changes in spindle structure occur: 1) the r..

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