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Microtubule dynamics in the spindle. Theoretical aspects of assembly/disassembly reactions in vivo.

JD Pickett-Heaps, DH Tippit, SA Cohn, TP Spurck

Journal of Theoretical Biology | Published : 1986


The mitotic spindle contains several classes of microtubules (MTs) whose lengths change independently during mitosis. Precise control over MT polymerization and depolymerization during spindle formation, anaphase chromosome movements, and spindle breakdown is necessary for successful cell division. This model proposes the site of addition and removal of MT subunits in each of four classes of spindle MTs at different stages of mitosis, and suggests how this addition and removal is controlled. We propose that spindle poles and kinetochores significantly alter the assembly-disassembly kinetics of associated MT ends. Control of MT length is further modulated by localized forces affecting assembl..

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