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UV-microbeam irradiations of the mitotic spindle: spindle forces and structural analysis of lesions.

JA Snyder, L Armstrong, OG Stonington, TP Spurck, JD Pickett-Heaps

Eur J Cell Biol | Published : 1991


Mitotic PtK1 spindles were UV irradiated (285 nm) during metaphase and anaphase between the chromosomes and the pole. The irradiation, a rectangle measuring 1.4 x 5 microns parallel to the metaphase plate, severed between 90 and 100% of spindle microtubules (MTs) in the irradiated region. Changes in organization of MTs in the irradiated region were analyzed by EM serial section analysis coupled with 3-D computer reconstruction. Metaphase cells irradiated 2 to 4 microns below the spindle pole (imaged by polarization optics) lost birefringence in the irradiated region. Peripheral spindle fibers, previously curved to focus on the pole, immediately splayed outwards when severed. We demonstrate v..

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