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Metabolic inhibitors and mitosis: I. Effects of dinitrophenol/deoxyglucose and nocodazole on the live spindle

TP Spurck, JD Pickett-Heaps, MW Klymkowsky

Protoplasma | Published : 1986


Dinitrophenol and deoxyglucose (DNP/DOG) were used to investigate the effects of ATP depletion on mitotic PtK1 cells. Direct determination of cellular ATP levels showed that the drop of ATP induced by DNP/DOG was rapid; recovery to normal ATP levels was equally rapid once DNP/DOG was removed. On addition of DNP/DOG to live cells, cytoplasmic activity ceased; interphase and prophase cells showed little other response to DNP/DOG. During prometaphase, DNP/DOG induced a pronounced movement of oscillating, monopolar chromosomes towards the spindle poles. As chromosomes became bipolarly attached, DNP/DOG caused the spindle poles themselves to move together. By metaphase, DNP/DOG-treatment led to s..

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