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In vivo evaluation of modified mandrel-grown vascular prostheses.

JA Werkmeister, GA Edwards, JF White, F Casagranda, JA Hunt, DF Williams, JA Ramshaw

J Biomed Mater Res | Published : 1999


The Omniflowtrade mark Vascular Prosthesis (OVP) has been manufactured and extensively tested in animal and human trials. It has mechanical and biological qualities superior to synthetic and biological conduits, particularly in low flow conditions. For further development into the smaller diameter coronary prostheses, the inner luminal surface is of paramount importance. In a previous study this inner surface was modified to produce a more uniformly thicker nonundulating surface. In this study the mandrels of these modified OVPs were treated with either collagen or heparin; the OVPs were evaluated for patency, tissue integration and wound healing, and endothelialization using a dog model com..

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