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Study of Fe3 -Sapphire Maser above 4K

Karim Benmessai, Mohamad Mrad, Daniel Lloyd Creedon, Jean-Michelle Le Floch, Michael Edmund Tobar, Pierre-Yves Bourgeois, Yann Kersale, Vincent Giordano

2011 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control and the European Frequency and Time Forum (FCS) Proceedings | IEEE | Published : 2011


The Whispering Gallery Mode Maser Oscillator (WHIGMO) uses paramagnetic Fe ions in HEMEX sapphire at low temperature, and has been described in many previous publications [1-7]. The fractional frequency instability has been demonstrated to be as low as σ (1s< τ100s) 10 . This instability is normally measured at the frequency-temperature turnover point of the sapphire where the effects of temperature fluctuations on frequency are nullified to first order [8-9]. Usually the temperature is determined by the relative concentrations of several paramagnetic ions such as Cr , Mo , and Ti . In this paper, we show that Fe ions have a strong effect on the turnover point. We compare the behavior of t..

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