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A Short-Term Supranutritional Vitamin E Supplementation Alleviated Respiratory Alkalosis but Did Not Reduce Oxidative Stress in Heat Stressed Pigs

F Liu, P Celi, SS Chauhan, JJ Cottrell, BJ Leury, FR Dunshea

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences | Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies | Published : 2018


Objective Heat stress (HS) triggers oxidative stress and respiratory alkalosis in pigs. The objective of this experiment was to study whether a short-term supranutritional amount of dietary vitamin E (VE) can mitigate oxidative stress and respiratory alkalosis in heat-stressed pigs. Methods A total of 24 pigs were given either a control diet (17 IU/kg VE) or a high VE (200 IU/kg VE; HiVE) diet for 14 d, then exposed to thermoneutral (TN; 20°C, 45% humidity) or HS (35°C, 35% to 45% humidity, 8 h daily) conditions for 7 d. Respiration rate and rectal temperature were measured three times daily during the thermal exposure. Blood gas variables and oxidative stress markers were studied in blood ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The work was funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources via the Carbon Farming Futures Program. Fan Liu also received Australian Postgraduate Award, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, and study award from Australian Pork Limited. The authors express appreciations to Maree Cox, Evan Bittner, Paul Eason, Saranika Talukder, and Aya Abrasaldo for their technical assistance.