Conference Proceedings

Cytoskeletal tumor suppressors that block oncogenic RAS signaling.

H Maruta, H He, A Tikoo, M Nur-e-Kamal

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences | Published : 1999


Several distinct peptides or drugs that block the Rho family GTPases-mediated pathways were found to suppress RAS-induced malignant phenotype. They include (1) C3 enzyme that selectively inactivates Rho, (2) ACK42, a peptide that blocks the interaction of CDC42 with its effectors such as ACKs, (3) PAK18, a peptide that blocks the activation of PAK and membrane ruffling, and (4) actin-binding drugs, chaetoglobosin K (CK) and MKT-077, that block membrane ruffling by capping and bundling actin filaments, respectively.

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