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Crystal structure of the human Fab fragment Kol and its comparison with the intact Kol molecule.

M Matsushima, M Marquart, TA Jones, PM Colman, K Bartels, R Huber

J Mol Biol | Published : 1978


The crystal structure of the Fab‡ ‡ Fab, antigen-binding fragment, consisting of light chain and half of the heavy chain (VL, VH, CL, CH1);IgG, immuno-γ-globulin; Fc, C-terminal half of the heavy chain with the inter-heavy chain disulphide bond intact; VL, variable half of light chain; CL, constant half of light chain; VH, variable part of heavy chain; CH1, CH2 and CH3, the 3 constant homology regions of heavy chain. Hinge peptide, the segment connecting CH1 and CH2 and containing the disulphide linkage between the 2 heavy chains; switch peptide, the segments connecting V and C domains around residues H119 and L110, respectively; H, heavy and L, light chain; C face, the face in a C domain th..

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