Journal article

Crystallographic structural studies of a human Fc-fragment. I. An electron-density map at 4 A resolution and a partial model.

J Deisenhofer, PM Colman, R Huber, H Haupt, G Schwick

Hoppe Seylers Z Physiol Chem | Published : 1976


The crystal structure of a human Fc fragment was analysed at 4 A resolution. A partial interpretation of the electron-density map in terms of domain structure was possible. The molecule has the shape of a mickey mouse. The spherical domain was interpreted visually and by domain Patterson function interpretation as the CH3 dimer. This dimer resembles closely the CH1-CL dimer found in Fab structures. The ellipsoidal "ears" of the molecule represent the CH2 domains. They are widely separated from each other, but closely connected to CH3. Their tertiary structure must be different from CH1, as Patterson domain interpretations were unsuccessful. A chain tracing in CH2 was not yet possible.

University of Melbourne Researchers