Journal article

Particle and crystal symmetry of Erysimum latent virus.

PM Colman, PA Tulloch, DD Shukla, KH Gough

J Mol Biol | Published : 1980


Erysimum latent virus, a tymovirus, contains 180 protein subunits arranged in a T = 3 icosahedral surface lattice. A cubic crystal form (with space group P213 and a = 414 Å) and a monoclinic form (space group B2, a = 442 Å, b = 422 Å, c = 387 Å, γ = 95 °) have been observed. The asymmetric units of the two crystal forms contain one-third and one whole virus particle, respectively. Two possible packing arrangements of the virus particles in the monoclinic unit cell have been deduced from the low-angle diffraction patterns. X-ray diffraction data from the monoclinic crystals extend to at least 3·7 Å resolution. © 1980, All rights reserved.

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