Journal article

Dark-ages reionization and galaxy formation simulation - IX. Economics of reionizing galaxies

Alan R Duffy, Simon J Mutch, Gregory B Poole, Paul M Geil, Han-Seek Kim, Andrei Mesinger, J Stuart B Wyithe

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2017


Funding Acknowledgements

ARD would like to thank Caitlin Casey, Katie Mack and Kristian Finlator for stimulating discussions, Claudio Dalla Vecchia for his SNe feedback models, as well as Chris Power and Doug Potter for their efforts with initial conditions. JSBW acknowledges the support of an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship. This work was supported by the Flagship Allocation Scheme of the NCI National Facility at the ANU, data storage at VicNodes, generous allocations of time through the iVEC Partner Share and Australian Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee. ARD gratefully acknowledges the use of computer facilities purchased through a UWA Research Development Award. We would like to thank the PYTHON developers of MATPLOTLIB (Hunter 2007), COSMOLOPY ( and PYNBODY (Pontzen et al. 2013) for easing the visualization and analysis efforts in this work.