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Separation of important new platelet glycoproteins (GPIa, GPIc, GPIc*, GPIIa and GMP-140) by f.p.l.c. Characterization by monoclonal antibodies and gas-phase sequencing.

B Catimel, S Parmentier, LL Leung, JL McGregor

Biochemical Journal | Published : 1991


A large number of membrane glycoproteins (around 40) are present on the surface of human blood platelets. Some of these glycoproteins are expressed in relatively small amounts, and their functions, as well as their structure, remain to be elucidated. The aim of the present study was to separate rapidly, under non-denaturing conditions, and characterize minor glycoproteins such as Very Late Antigens (VLA) (GPIa, GPIc, GPIc* and GPIIa) and GMP-140 (also known as PADGEM). VLAs and GMP-140 are respectively members of the integrin and selectin families. Platelet membrane glycoproteins were separated by wheat-germ agglutinin lectin affinity and Mono Q anion-exchange f.p.l.c. Peaks bearing isolated..

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