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Checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma and early phase development in solid tumors: what's the future?

Paolo A Ascierto, Grant A McArthur

Journal of Translational Medicine | BMC | Published : 2017


Anti-programmed death (PD)-1 and PD-ligand (L)-1 checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the therapy of several cancers. Immunotherapy of cancer can offer long-term durable benefit to patients, is active regardless of tumour histology, has a unique immune-related safety profile, and can be used in combination with other cancer treatments. In addition, recent research has shown that immune-based therapy can be used as adjuvant therapy, that outcomes may be influenced by dose, and that clinical activity is observed in patients with brain metastases. Despite our increased understanding of these agents, there are still several important questions that need to be answered. These include strateg..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Authors want to thank Nicole Jones for providing excellent support in realizing the figures, and Alessandra Trocino for providing excellent bibliography service and assistance. A special thanks to the Fondazione Melanoma Onlus for partially grant the present work.