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The synthesis and biological evaluation of two analogues of the C-riboside showdomycin

J Renner, I Kruszelnicki, B Adamiak, AC Willis, E Hammond, S Su, C Burns, E Trybala, V Ferro, MG Banwell

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 2005


Two novel analogues, 2 and 3, of the C-riboside showdomycin (1) have been prepared by exploiting the N-TIPS-substituted pyrrole 7 as a synthetic equivalent for the maleimide C3 anion. The tetraacetate precursor, 12, of target 2 as well as target 3 itself were subjected to single-crystal X-ray analyses. Analogues 2 and 3 as well as showdomycin and its anomer (4) have each been evaluated in various assays for their cytotoxic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects. © CSIRO 2005.

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