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Statistical issues in the analysis of Illumina data

Mark J Dunning, Nuno L Barbosa-Morais, Andy G Lynch, Simon Tavare, Matthew E Ritchie

BMC BIOINFORMATICS | BMC | Published : 2008


BACKGROUND: Illumina bead-based arrays are becoming increasingly popular due to their high degree of replication and reported high data quality. However, little attention has been paid to the pre-processing of Illumina data. In this paper, we present our experience of analysing the raw data from an Illumina spike-in experiment and offer guidelines for those wishing to analyse expression data or develop new methodologies for this technology. RESULTS: We find that the local background estimated by Illumina is consistently low, and subtracting this background is beneficial for detecting differential expression (DE). Illumina's summary method performs well at removing outliers, producing estimat..

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