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Swift: primary data analysis for the Illumina Solexa sequencing platform

Nava Whiteford, Tom Skelly, Christina Curtis, Matt E Ritchie, Andrea Loehr, Alexander Wait Zaranek, Irina Abnizova, Clive Brown



MOTIVATION: Primary data analysis methods are of critical importance in second generation DNA sequencing. Improved methods have the potential to increase yield and reduce the error rates. Openly documented analysis tools enable the user to understand the primary data, this is important for the optimization and validity of their scientific work. RESULTS: In this article, we describe Swift, a new tool for performing primary data analysis on the Illumina Solexa Sequencing Platform. Swift is the first tool, outside of the vendors own software, which completes the full analysis process, from raw images through to base calls. As such it provides an alternative to, and independent validation of, th..

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