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High-resolution transcription atlas of the mitotic cell cycle in budding yeast

Marina V Granovskaia, Lars J Jensen, Matthew E Ritchie, Joern Toedling, Ye Ning, Peer Bork, Wolfgang Huber, Lars M Steinmetz

GENOME BIOLOGY | BMC | Published : 2010


BACKGROUND: Extensive transcription of non-coding RNAs has been detected in eukaryotic genomes and is thought to constitute an additional layer in the regulation of gene expression. Despite this role, their transcription through the cell cycle has not been studied; genome-wide approaches have only focused on protein-coding genes. To explore the complex transcriptome architecture underlying the budding yeast cell cycle, we used 8 bp tiling arrays to generate a 5 minute-resolution, strand-specific expression atlas of the whole genome. RESULTS: We discovered 523 antisense transcripts, of which 80 cycle or are located opposite periodically expressed mRNAs, 135 unannotated intergenic non-coding R..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (Nationales Genomforschungsnetz Foerderkennzeichen)

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Sandra Clauder-Muenster for technical assistance, Vladimir Benes and Tomi Baehr-Ivacevic from EMBL GeneCore Facility for technical advice, Yury Belyaev and Arne Seitz from EMBL-ALMF for help with image processing. This work was supported by grants to LMS from the National Institutes of Health and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, to WH from the Human Frontier Science Program and to PB by the Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (Nationales Genomforschungsnetz Foerderkennzeichen 01GS08169.)