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Dexamethasone and IL-10 stimulate glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper synthesis by human mast cells.

V Godot, G Garcia, F Capel, M Arock, I Durand-Gasselin, ML Asselin-Labat, D Emilie, M Humbert

Allergy | Published : 2006


BACKGROUND: Glucocorticoids (GCs) decrease tissue mast cell (MC) number and prevent their activation via their high-affinity IgE receptor. Glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper (GILZ) is one of the GC-induced genes, which inhibits the functions of the transcriptional activators AP-1 and NF-kappaB. GILZ appears to be a critical actor in the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects of GCs in human T lymphocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells. AIMS OF THE STUDY: We investigated whether GILZ was produced by human MCs and whether GILZ synthesis was stimulated by GCs. We also investigated whether GILZ production was modulated by (i) IL-10, because of its common immunosuppressive propertie..

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