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Simultaneous phase correction and SENSE reconstruction for navigated multi-shot DWI with non-cartesian k-space sampling.

Chunlei Liu, Michael E Moseley, Roland Bammer

Magn Reson Med | Published : 2005


Phase-navigated multi-shot acquisition and parallel imaging are two techniques that have been applied to diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) to diminish distortions and to enhance spatial resolution. Specifically, sensitivity encoding (SENSE) has been combined with single-shot echo planar imaging (EPI). Thus far, it has been difficult to apply parallel imaging methods, like SENSE, to multi-shot DWI because motion-induced phase error varies from shot to shot and interferes with sensitivity encoding. Although direct phase subtraction methods have been introduced to correct this phase error, they generally are not suitable for SENSE reconstruction, and they cannot remove all the motion artifacts e..

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