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COMT genotype affects prefrontal white matter pathways in children and adolescents.

Moriah E Thomason, Robert F Dougherty, Natalie L Colich, Lee M Perry, Elena I Rykhlevskaia, Hugo M Louro, Joachim F Hallmayer, Christian E Waugh, Roland Bammer, Gary H Glover, Ian H Gotlib

Neuroimage | Published : 2010


Diffusion tensor imaging is widely used to evaluate the development of white matter. Information about how alterations in major neurotransmitter systems, such as the dopamine (DA) system, influence this development in healthy children, however, is lacking. Catechol-O-metyltransferase (COMT) is the major enzyme responsible for DA degradation in prefrontal brain structures, for which there is a corresponding genetic polymorphism (val158met) that confers either a more or less efficient version of this enzyme. The result of this common genetic variation is that children may have more or less available synaptic DA in prefrontal brain regions. In the present study we examined the relation between ..

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