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Effects of motion and b-matrix correction for high resolution DTI with short-axis PROPELLER-EPI.

Murat Aksoy, Stefan Skare, Samantha Holdsworth, Roland Bammer

NMR Biomed | Published : 2010


Short-axis PROPELLER-EPI (SAP-EPI) has been proven to be very effective in providing high-resolution diffusion-weighted and diffusion tensor data. The self-navigation capabilities of SAP-EPI allow one to correct for motion, phase errors, and geometric distortion. However, in the presence of patient motion, the change in the effective diffusion- encoding direction (i.e. the b-matrix) between successive PROPELLER 'blades' can decrease the accuracy of the estimated diffusion tensors, which might result in erroneous reconstruction of white matter tracts in the brain. In this study, we investigate the effects of alterations in the b-matrix as a result of patient motion on the example of SAP-EPI D..

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