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A decade of data linkage in Western Australia: strategic design, applications and benefits of the WA data linkage system

C D'Arcy J Holman, A John Bass, Diana L Rosman, Merran B Smith, James B Semmens, Emma J Glasson, Emma L Brook, Brooke Trutwein, Ian L Rouse, Charles R Watson, Nicholas H de Klerk, Fiona J Stanley



OBJECTIVES: The report describes the strategic design, steps to full implementation and outcomes achieved by the Western Australian Data Linkage System (WADLS), instigated in 1995 to link up to 40 years of data from over 30 collections for an historical population of 3.7 million. Staged development has seen its expansion, initially from a linkage key to local health data sets, to encompass links to national and local health and welfare data sets, genealogical links and spatial references for mapping applications. APPLICATIONS: The WADLS has supported over 400 studies with over 250 journal publications and 35 graduate research degrees. Applications have occurred in health services utilisation..

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