Journal article

Predictors of body mass index and associations with cardiovascular risk factors in Australian children: a prospective cohort study

V Burke, LJ Beilin, K Simmer, WH Oddy, KV Blake, D Doherty, GE Kendall, JP Newnham, LI Landau, FJ Stanley



OBJECTIVE: To examine predictors of body mass index (BMI) at the age of 8 y in a prospective study of Australian children. DESIGN: Longitudinal survey of a cohort of Australian children followed from the 16th week of gestation to 8 y. SUBJECTS: In total, 741 boys and 689 girls who attended the survey as 8 y olds. MEASUREMENTS: Weight and height, blood pressure measured by automated oscillometry, fasting blood lipids and glucose. Questionnaire assessment of activity and diet. RESULTS: Proportions of overweight including obesity in boys and girls were, respectively, 22 and 25% at 1 y, 14 and 14% at 3 y, 13 and 18% at 5 y and 15 and 20% at 8 y. At the age of 1, 3, 6 and 8 y, children with overw..

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