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Indicators of fetal growth do not independently predict blood pressure in 8-year-old Australians - A prospective cohort study

V Burke, LJ Beilin, KV Blake, D Doherty, GE Kendall, JP Newnham, LI Landau, FJ Stanley



Inverse associations between size at birth and blood pressure (BP) in later life are commonly statistically significant only after adjustment for current size, consistent with change in size as the determinant. Few studies have been prospective or have included a range of potential confounders. Using regression models, including maternal and demographic variables, we examined associations between size at birth and BP in Australian children followed from week 16 of gestation to the age of 8 years. BP measurements were available from 1417 children born after 37 weeks gestation without congenital abnormalities. In models adjusted only for sex, the birthweight (BW), birth length, ponderal index,..

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