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Reflective function mediates the relationship between emotional maltreatment and borderline pathology in adolescents: A preliminary investigation.

Jeremy Quek, Louise K Newman, Clair Bennett, Michael S Gordon, Naysun Saeedi, Glenn A Melvin

Child Abuse Negl | Published : 2017


Deficits in mentalizing, particularly within the context of attachment relationships i.e., reflective function (RF), are posited to result from childhood maltreatment and to influence the development of borderline personality disorder (BPD). Whilst a mentalization-based model of BPD provides a theoretical explanation, direct empirical support for this model, in linking childhood maltreatment to borderline pathology remains limited. This study examined the interrrelationships between childhood maltreatment, RF, and borderline pathology in a mixed adolescent sample, consisting of adolescents with BPD (n=26) and a group of non-clinical adolescents (n=25). With the aim of directly testing the me..

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