Journal article

A new approach to the psychological care of adolescents with cancer. THe Medical journal of australia

M Carr-Gregg, R Hampson, R Hampson

The Medical journal of Australia | Australasian Medical Publishing Company | Published : 1986


The combination of adolescence and cancer creates a high risk category for emotional disturbance and negative psychosocial sequelae. This paper discusses the nature of such problems and notes the fragmented nature of the psychosocial services that are available to such patients in Australia. The utility of support groups in facilitating adjustment and coping in cancer patients is considered and the formation, aims, structure and organization of a mutual support group for teenagers with cancer, that is known as Can Teen (The Australian Teenage Cancer Patients' Society), is described. The advantages of CanTeen over existing services are outlined and plans for the future are discussed.

University of Melbourne Researchers