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Quantum spin Hall insulators with interactions and lattice anisotropy

Wei Wu, Stephan Rachel, Wu-Ming Liu, Karyn Le Hur



We investigate the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and electron-electron interactions on the honeycomb lattice, combining the cellular dynamical mean-field theory and its real-space extension with analytical approaches. We provide a thorough analysis of the phase diagram and temperature effects at weak spin-orbit coupling. We systematically discuss the stability of the quantum spin Hall phase toward interactions and lattice anisotropy, resulting in the plaquette-honeycomb model. We also show the evolution of the helical edge states characteristic of quantum spin Hall insulators as a function of Hubbard interaction and anisotropy. At very weak spin-orbit coupling and intermediate electr..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge discussions with F. F. Assaad, G. Fiete, M. Hohenadler, T. Lang, and G. C. Liu. This work was supported by NSF Grant No. DMR-0803200 (K. L. H. and S. R.) and by NSFC under Grants No. 10874235, No. 10934010, and No. 60978019, by NKBRSFC under Grants No. 2009CB930701, No. 2010CB922904, and No. 2011CB921500 (W. W. and W. M. L.). We acknowledge the Yale High Performance Computing Center and the super-computing center of CAS for kindly allocating computational resources.