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Familial focal glomerulosclerosis: a genetic linkage to the HLA locus?

DJ Goodman, B Clarke, RN Hope, PJ Miach, JK Dawborn

American Journal of Nephrology | Published : 1995


The aetiology and pathogenesis of focal glomerulosclerosis is poorly understood and many conflicting reports suggest HLA locus associations in both familial and non-familial glomerulosclerosis. We report a family in which 4 of 5 sisters developed proteinuria, 2 with hypertension and 1 progressing to end-stage renal failure (index case). Three underwent renal biopsy which displayed characteristic features of focal glomerulosclerosis and all shared the HLA alleles HLA-A1, B8, DR3, DR7. The index case received two cadaveric renal transplants from HLA-A1, B8, DR3 donors and developed chronic rejection with no histological evidence of recurrent glomerulonephritis in either kidney. The frequency o..

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