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Membrane-associated lymphotoxin on natural killer cells activates endothelial cells via an NF-kappaB-dependent pathway.

M von Albertini, C Ferran, C Brostjan, FH Bach, DJ Goodman

Transplantation | Published : 1998


BACKGROUND: Inhibition of complement in small animal models of xenotransplantation has demonstrated graft infiltration with natural killer (NK) cells and monocytes associated with endothelial cell (EC) activation. We have previously demonstrated that human NK cells activate porcine EC in vitro, which results in adhesion molecule expression and cytokine secretion. In this study, we used the NK cell line NK92 to define the molecular and cellular basis of NK cell-mediated EC activation. METHODS: EC were transfected with either reporter constructs containing the luciferase gene driven either by E-selectin or interleukin (IL)-8 promoters or a synthetic NF-kappaB-dependent promoter. In addition, a..

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